Success Stories

We've seen people overcome so many health challenges... Here are just a few reviews, stories, and testimonials from our 700+ successful patients. Will you be next?


I can’t say enough good things about The Point or recommend them more highly. The office is cozy and peaceful and from the moment you walk in you feel taken care of. The practitioners are knowledgeable and caring. I've referred so many family and friends there, and everyone loves it and finds the acupuncture beneficial. I think acupuncture is one of the best treatments a person can do for their health.


I came to The Point with several issues and they helped me miraculously in a short time. Katherine is very professional and knowledgeable, and even caught things my doctors had missed. I'm so impressed and thankful and glad they're on my team.


I have now had three appointments at The Point and feel that significant progress has been made on my health conditions. Each visit has been a positive experience and Katie has made me feel at ease with the procedures.


I am 22 years old and my health has been deteriorating for years. I came to The Point at the end of my rope. My energy was so low, I was having panic attacks, and I had pain in several joints. After several treatments at The Point, my energy is better, no more panic attacks, and my pain, while still there occasionally, is improving.


Thank you for having me as a new client. The office was clean, inviting, and relaxing. I enjoyed the intake assessment-very non-judgemental! The procedure was relaxing, painless, and afterwards, I felt invigorated. I'm definitely going back for follow-up appointments. Thank you for caring about my health!


Katherine is so easy to talk to, and she is genuinely interested in what you have to say. She takes the time to listen, and she has a wide understanding of Chinese Medicine due to lots of research. Her office is homey and comfortable.


Katherine is awesome. Her treatments and herbs have helped me hugely. I love that she acts like a “health detective” and gets to the root of what’s going on. If you suffer from an invisible illness that no one can figure out, this is the place to go. Katherine and her team treat you with compassion and respect, will listen to you and believe your symptoms and have solutions that really work.


Katie is so gentle and extremely knowledgable - very thorough in first assessment! Thank you, I look forward to working with you in keeping me very healthy.


Katherine truly cares about each of her patients. She’s a great listener and problem solver, approachable and professional. I always look forward to my appointments at The Point!


Katherine has played such an important role in my healing journey. It was amazing to have a doctor listen to, respect, and respond to my health concerns. The acupuncture treatments helped so much. The office atmosphere is peaceful. You can feel the difference right away. Highly recommend!


Katherine is amazing! Her office is peaceful and relaxing. She’s a fantastic listener, is extremely knowledgeable, and more than willing to help. I will keep coming to her!


I started getting acupuncture to treat my acid reflux. After two months, my reflux is completely under control. I’m a believer!


I've been seeing Katherine for more than 3 years now. I was looking for a natural solution to digestion problems and joint pain. She's so knowledgeable and caring and offers effective solutions. I'm so fortunate to have found this clinic.


Katherine is an amazing, caring and passionate practitioner! She got right to The Point - and helped my with my pain.


Katie was thorough in her assessment, asking questions others failed to ask. She provides professional, friendly and caring service.


Everyone at The Point is amazingly kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I have suffered from sinus infections and allergies for years. Acupuncture and herbs have made a huge difference for my health. These treatments have decreased my allergies and infections tremendously!


Katherine is very knowledgable and really takes the time to get to know you. She's clearly passionate about what she does and treats each client with the individual care they deserve.

Fertility & Women's Health Success Stories


Katherine, a heartfelt thank you for everything you did to help us get pregnant with our baby boy! I honestly feel that we would not have our little boy if it weren’t for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you so much for treating me while I was struggling with infertility. Without your care, I don't think we'd have our beautiful daughter today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Katherine, I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for our family. As you know, when I first came to you I was so discouraged and frustrated with the lack of success of my fertility treatments and was desperate for a miracle. I was nervous and skeptical about acupuncture but you made me a true believer! I know that without your help we wouldn't have our baby girl… so grateful for you! I also want to thank you for your support and encouragement. You've become more than just a doctor, I consider you a friend. You've always gone above and beyond for me. I'm so appreciative of you.


Dear Katherine, after trying for a long time we are so glad we came to you for help. Thank you for helping us get pregnant, addressing my fertility issues with confidence and ease, placing my fears to rest, and making my pregnancy a smooth experience. Most of all, thank you for your help in making this wonderful blessing possible! Many thanks.


I am 40 years old and wasn't sure I could get pregnant naturally. I followed Katherine advice, which even helped me lose weight and feel better than I ever thought I could. And three months later we were pregnant!


I saw Katherine to support my IVF and fertility. I was doing my second round of IVF and I wanted to do everything I could to increase my chances of success. My IVF was successful this time and we have a healthy baby! What I didn't expect was not only how much acupuncture helped our fertility, but that it would also provide so much support, peace, and comfort for me during that extremely stressful and emotional time in my life. Katherine immediately put me at ease and my fears immediately disappeared. IVF is so overwhelming and my fertility doctor and nurses couldn't answer all my questions and concerns and confusion. Katherine really helped me through this. We’re so happy to have our family now and are so grateful to you, Katherine. Thank you!


Dear Katherine. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. We had a beautiful baby girl and your help was key to it. I have attached a few family photos for you. Thank you for your help and support.


I want to extend my deepest thanks to you and your team for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve helped me through both minor and major health problems and were a great support to me. Words can't describe how much I've gained from coming to your clinic.


I came to Katherine for acupuncture to help prepare for IVF. Immediately, I was impressed by her approachable manner and knowledge of fertility. I followed her easy and helpful dietary changes and came in for treatments weekly before both the retrieval and transfer. And it was a success! I’m now pregnant with our first child and continuing to see Katherine through my pregnancy. There is no doubt in my mind that our successful IVF is due in part to the acupuncture treatments from The Point. I highly recommend Katherine and The Point.


I wanted to you to be one of the first to know that I'm PREGNANT!!! Thank you so much for all your help and support. Elevated FSH and 7% chance you can kiss my booty! It's still early, but we are very excited and can't wait for our baby’s arrival.


I had struggled with painful periods and PMS for as long as I can remember. They were getting worse and were really debilitating. I would often have to miss work. I found Katherine and after two months of treatments my periods began to improve and after two more months, they are pretty much painless. It’s amazing!


My husband and I tried for a year to get pregnant. We then saw a fertility doctor and had two failed IUIs. We couldn't afford IVF, which the fertility doctor was recommending. I was about to give up on my dream of a family, but a friend suggested I see Katherine. I was nervous about needles and a little skeptical, but willing to try anything. Katherine immediately put me at ease and gave me hope. I did her Becoming Mama program in addition to acupuncture treatments. Five months later, we're pregnant!! We’re over the moon and so grateful.


I’m so glad I found The Point. My periods were long and irregular and I was diagnosed with PCOS. My doctors were very discouraging about my ability to conceive naturally. Katherine helped me in so many ways. Acupuncture combined with her lifestyle and dietary advice helped me get my periods on track and regular again. I also experienced less cramping with my periods. Now we're pregnant and are expecting a little boy in less than two months! I highly recommend Katherine if you are experiencing any fertility difficulties. She has been a huge blessing for us.


I lost my first two pregnancies and was devastated and scared of trying again. The doctors didn’t know the cause of them and told me it was normal. I wanted answers and I wanted to avoid going through that loss again. After careful listening and questioning, Katherine made several recommendations and I saw her for a few months before becoming pregnant again. I saw her through my pregnancy and now we have a perfect baby girl!


I came to The Point feeling just… off. I wasn’t sick, but I wasn't feeling myself. I was gaining weight, having hot-flashes, wasn't sleeping well, was bloated and fatigued, and my period was off. After I saw Katherine a few times for acupuncture and implemented her dietary and supplement recommendations, I began to feel better and better. Now my periods are regular, my moods are stable, energy is better, and digestion is better. No hot-flashes. And I've lost weight. Hooray! I’ve learned so much about my body and taking care of myself from you guys. Thank you so much!

Pain Success Stories


I suffered from back pain and sciatic pain down my leg. It was hard to sleep and to do the activities I love, like biking. Acupuncture has helped so much. The sciatic pain is completely gone, the back only bothers me occasionally, when acupuncture again relieves it. And I’m back to biking.


My pain level is pretty much non-existent! I'm so thankful. It feels amazing to be able to play with my grandchildren and keep up with them on the slopes!


I was hesitant to consider acupuncture but after years of dealing with chronic shoulder pain and trying so many other things, I decided to give it a try. Now my only regret is that I didn't try it sooner. After just three treatments I had a huge improvement. I’m astonished by the results I’ve seen. The Point's approach of treating both symptoms and root cause is truly wonderful!


Within a week of Katherine treating me my tennis elbow had improved by 50%, after two weeks I was at 75%. Now I just come in for the occasional tune up and flare up. I'm back at playing tennis and other sports. I highly recommend The Point. Their attentive and effective care is amazing.


I've had migraines for years, I thought it was just part of life for me. A friend told me I should try acupuncture at The Point. Now I’m migraine-free. Acupuncture helped decrease the frequency and intensity, and when I finally cut out a few things from the diet at Katherine's recommendations, the migraines disappeared.

Anxiety Success Stories


There are no words to explain how amazing Katherine is! I've seen so many doctors for my anxiety and panic attacks. She stopped my anxiety in its tracks, like I didn’t even know was possible. Now we're working on my PMS and insomnia. Thank you so much! You guys rock!


When I first came to The Point I was an anxiety-riddled mess with heart palpitations and insomnia. After a few acupuncture treatments and supplements, I felt considerably better. After another month of acupuncture, I felt like a new person. Had I just been imagining the anxiety? It's gone now and I'm so thankful.

Digestion Success Stories


I started getting acupuncture to treat my acid reflux. After two months, my reflux is completely under control. I'm a believer!


I've been seeing Katherine for more than 3 years now. I was looking for a natural solution to digestion problems and joint pain. She's so knowledgeable and caring and offers effective solutions. I'm so fortunate to have found this clinic.


Doctor told me I had IBS. And that’s it, there wasn't much they could offer me to relieve my symptoms. When I came to The Point, it was a completely different story. After extensive questioning, I finally got a clear answer as to what was at the root of my digestion problems. I followed the treatment plan and after 6 treatments no more bloating, no more constipation, I feel great!

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Thank you so much for your kind words.
We so appreciate you and your support!
~ Katherine