10 Credible Studies that show Chinese Medicine Works

I just love it when I talk to people about Chinese Medicine and they say something like “oh, that’s all good, but I want to be treated by something that’s been proven to work”. Arrrgh, it is, and it does, yo.

Well here you go… 10 studies that prove Chinese Medicine actually works, and there are TONS more…

A pilot study on using Acupucnture and TENS to treat knee osteoarthritis– taken from the CMJournal.

New research with MRI brain scans shows acupuncture-related changes in brain functioning.

Effects of Acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing IVF– taken from BMJ. Western Medicine hardly acknowledge the psychological and emotional impact those treatments have on women and don’t offer anything to help the women cope with it.

Effects of Yinchenhao Tang and related decoction on DMN induced cirrhosis/fibrosis in rats– taken from the CMJournal.

Blood Pressure changes with Acupuncture comparable to ACE-inhibitor monotherapy– taken from Medscape.

Randomised controlled study on ginger-salt-partitioned moxibustion at shenque (CV8) on urination disorder poststroke– taken from PubMed.

Randomised trial of long term effect on acupuncture for shoulder pain– taken from PubMed.

Acupuncture may be helpful for pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy– taken from Medscape.

Acupuncture ‘more than a placebo’– taken from BBC news.

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