Beauty Products – 7 Good for You Ingredients

These scary sounding beauty boosters actually benefit skin and hair.
Ascorbic Acid
What it is: Vitamin C
What it does: Keeps products from spoiling; stimulates the production of collagen, which slows as you age, and minimizes lines

Butyrospermum Parkil
What it is: Shea butter
What it does: Provides easily absorbed moisture and can also heal minor blemishes and reduce inflammation

Cera Alba
What it is: Beeswax
What it does: Helps make products more uniform in texture. It also allows skin to seal in moisture naturally and has antibacterial properties

Hyaluronic Acid
What it is: A sugar compound that occurs naturally in skin cells
What it does: Boosts firmness and combats aging and wrinkles, and plays a role in cell turnover, which promotes radiant, healthy skin

What it is: Vitamin B5
What it does: Offers deep-penetrating moisture to heal and fortify skin and hair. It may also help repair skin tissue and fight dermatitis

What it is: Vitamin A
What it does: Boosts long-term hydration, penetrates deeper layers of the dermis to improve texture, and also aids in evening out pigmentation

What it is: Vitamin E
What it does: As a powerful anti-oxidant, it slows the aging process by fighting free radicals and protecting skin again sun damage. It can also help smooth out skin overall, and heal scars.

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