Acupuncture provides proven relief for headaches and migraines

Acupuncture can provide lasting relief from the pain of chronic headaches, such as migraines.

I just read a study on WebMD saying that “Researchers found that compared with standard medical care, acupuncture offers substantial benefits in preventing headaches and improving the quality of life for people who suffer from frequent headaches, especially migraines.” The British Medical Journal published a study of 401 adults who suffered from chronic migraines. The results continued to be impressive 1 year later for the group that was treated with acupuncture , including: ·They had 22 fewer days with headaches ·They used 15% less medication ·They made 25% fewer visits to their doctor ·They took 15% fewer days off sick from work than the control group It makes me wonder: Who wouldn’t try acupuncture for this terrible problem? To read about the entire study, click here.

Not convinced? Here’s another study showing that Acupuncture Beats Aspirin for Chronic Headaches.

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