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affordable fertility testing

In my experience of working with fertility clients for 10 years, most people have NOT had enough fertility testing done.

Which is too bad because the more information the better, right? Often I'm able to detect hormone imbalances based on digging into your symptoms, without testing. But I still really like getting certain labs done. Once we know exactly what's going on, we can very often set it right with very little intervention and natural interventions.

It's frustrating for a couple of reasons: 1) often doctors won't do any hormone or fertility testing until you've been trying to conceive for 6 -12 months - I personally feel like it's never too soon to get more information when it can provide key insights to your fertility 2) women usually find themselves at a reproductive endocrinologist or fertility clinic in order to get these tests done, but often these clinics charge an arm and a leg for lab testing and once you're in their system you find yourself being recommended big interventions like IUI and IVF (because really that's all they have to offer). But what if you just want some answers, and aren't quite ready to go down the IUI or IVF path?

The good news is that now you have access to affordable and easy hormone testing - no longer is it necessary to wait for your doctor's approval or to spend $$$ to investigate and get some answers about your hormone levels.

There are three tests I recommend:

My friends over at Modern Fertility offer at-home fertility test-kits that are super affordable (only $159) and they're offering $10 off to my clients.

All you need to do is order the test-kit through this link. Their test-kit includes FSH, AMH, TSH, LH, estradiol, prolactin, and testosterone - a very comprehensive look at your fertility hormones. Their tests are fast and accurate and come with a personalized, physician-reviewed report to help you understand the results.

fertility testing denver

Fertility test kit denver

affordable fertility testing denver

hormone testing denver

For the progesterone test, Let's Get Checked makes it easy and affordable (only $89) for you, and they're offering a discount of 20% off to my clients. All you have to do is order the test-kit here, and enter the code < thepoint > at checkout.

Don't overlook getting your male partner's sperm tested too, after all, it takes two to tango and studies show that half the time there is a male-factor behind fertility struggles. Here's the link for the at-home sperm test:

I'm here to help you interpret the results as well AND give you personalized recommendations for how to fix any imbalances. Bring the results to your acupuncture or appointment or schedule a FERTILITY COACHING e-visit.

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