Battlefield Acupuncture

This is an awesome article from the Department of Defense about military doctors implementing the use of acupuncture.

They are primarily using auricular (ear) acupuncture, and specifically the NADA protocol which consists of only 5 points in the ear. This protocol is very easy to train people in who have no other knowledge of the medicine, and is effective in treating a wide variety of conditions – from pain to PTSD, trauma, and addiction.

Some highlights from the article:

“Nowhere in my experience of medicine in all these years have we had so many people walking away happy right from our interaction,” Air Force Lt. Col. (Dr.) Dan Balog said.

“Before the workshop began, all the patients we have seen at the U.S. Air Force Acupuncture Center have not responded well to Western medicine. Many patients have complicated medical problems and traditional medicine hasn’t helped them. They’ve been to the orthopedic surgeon, to traditional pain management clinics, to neurologists and dermatologists and they’ve taken drugs for pain relief.”

“For many patients acupuncture is a last resort, but our success rate is very high here, which is very rewarding for the patient and also for myself and Doctor Burns,” he added.

Yay acupuncture!!


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