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Doggie Acupuncture

      If you think acupuncture is only for humans, think again. Acupuncture is becoming more and more common for animals, and owners  are singing its praises. Animal acupuncture functions along the same principles as human acupuncture. The aim is to correct any imbalances in circulation by stimulating points connected through meridians. Acupuncture has been used…

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How acupuncture works

As methods of scientific inquiry have progressed, the mechanisms of acupuncture are beginning to be more clearly understood. While the mechanisms can get quite complex, ultimately acupuncture is a remarkably simple technique that depends entirely upon one thing: the stimulation of the peripheral nervous system. Broadly speaking, acupuncture has three primary effects: 1. It relieves…

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New Acupuncture Neuroanatomical Discovery

Researchers conclude that acupuncture points are related to both unmyelinated and myelinated afferent nerve fibers in a unique neuroanatomical structure not found in other areas of the body. The researchers used light microscopy on silver stained sections of acupuncture point P6 (silver-stained human cadaver sample) and used confocal light microscopy on a live subject for…

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Acupuncture Reduces Protein Linked to Stress in First of Its Kind Animal Study

“Acupuncture significantly reduces levels of a protein in rats linked to chronic stress, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) have found. They say their animal study may help explain the sense of wellbeing that many people receive from this ancient Chinese therapy.” Check out the full article here. P.S. I do realize that’s a…

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Children and Acupuncture – it's safe!

One question that I am asked occasionally is, “Is acupuncture safe for children?” The simple answer is ‘yes’, but you certainly want to take your child (and yourself) to a well trained practitioner and someone who has experience working with children. A recent study examined acupuncture with children and concluded that acupuncture is safe and works when…

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Health Savings Accounts Work for Acupuncture

Have a Health Savings Account? Acupuncture IS a qualified expense! If you still have some money left for 2011 in your account. Don’t let it go to waste, use it. You can buy a gift certificate or package now, give it as a gift or use the visits in 2012. Brilliant!

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Battlefield Acupuncture

This is an awesome article from the Department of Defense about military doctors implementing the use of acupuncture. They are primarily using auricular (ear) acupuncture, and specifically the NADA protocol which consists of only 5 points in the ear. This protocol is very easy to train people in who have no other knowledge of the medicine,…

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The New York Times Weighs in on Acupuncture

We made it!!! The New York Times has a new article about acupuncture – and it is a good one. The reporter presents a well balanced view to the debate about whether acupuncture works and notes the desire of Western doctors to explain this treatment in terms of a science that matches their training. Here are some…

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