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The easiest hack to feel your best and stay healthy over the holidays

trick to stay healthy over the holidays

Confession: as we head into the holidays, I can feel nervous about my tendency to overindulge and get a liiiiiiitle too excited about my brother’s overflowing cheese boards, my aunt’s perfectly crispy and melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies, and my grandma’s famous pecan pie. I mean, I certainly plan to enjoy these delicacies, but I don’t need…

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What is Inflammation? And how acupuncture can help

In many cases inflammation is a good thing—a lifesaving mechanism to defend against real dangers and restore health—but when it goes from being short-lived and localized to being long-term (chronic) it can lead to many serious diseases. Inflammation is often intricately intertwined with our own lifestyle choices and habits. So here’s the scoop on inflammation and…

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Solutions for Obesity & Weight Loss in Chinese Medicine

Why is a healthy diet not always enough to maintain a healthy weight? Chinese medicine has some surprising answers that are sometimes contrary to Western thought… Obesity is becoming a scary social phenomenon. More than one third of adults are obese in the U.S.! The desire to lose weight is not merely a self-image issue…

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How to Breathe Correctly

You probably think you’ve got breathing mastered, right? Actually, most of us are doing wrong! We are taught to suck in our guts and puff out our chests, which causes the muscles to tense and respiration rate to increase. As a result, we are a nation of shallow “chest breathers,” who primarily use the middle…

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Want to Live Past 100?

If living a long life is important to you, you may want to adopt some of the habits that supercentenarians have in common. Supercentenarians – people who live to be 110 or older – share four lifestyle characteristics that may help explain their longevity. Throughout their lives, they have remained: 1. Physically active. Even as you…

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10 Steps To a More Optimistic Attitude

1) Practice Gratitude. A grateful mindset exerts a powerful influence on your outlook. Not only does it make you feel good in the moment, it also shifts your focus in a positive direction and makes you  worry less about anything that may be lacking. 2) Embrace Happiness. Being happy is not about circumstances or any other outside…

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Optimistic People Live Longer

Most of us enjoy being in the company of positive, optimistic people. Their sunny outlook on life is both refreshing and encouraging. But are there are any tangible, long term benefits associated with having a positive outlook?  Looks like there are! Here’s  the data:  – A 30-year study of 447 people at the Mayo Clinic…

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Annoying Bumps on the Backs of Your Arms?

Could be gluten/ wheat intolerance. It’s called Keratosis Pilaris – a very common skin condition that causes acne-like bumps (resembling goose bumps) from a build up of keratin, a natural protein in the skin. Because keratosis pilaris is an inflammatory disorder, anything you can do to reduce inflammation is going to help a great deal…

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