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Lifestyle & Nutrition

Spring Salads

  When filling my lunchbox, I usually look for salads that have a little meat or fish, like chicken or tuna salad, or salads that incorporate hearty grains, or beans or pasta. Here are five salads from each of those categories — have you tried any of these yet? Salads with Meat or Fish •…

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Protein Bars – wolves in sheep clothing

  For years I thought protein bars were brilliant- tasty, portable and a surefire way to get loads of protein.  In reality however, most of them are over-processed, full of chemical stabilizers and added sugars, and lacking in any good sources of protein.  If you want to eat “clean,” as they say, protein bars are…

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Sweet Success – the quit sugar tool kit

I was so good at resisting the candy this weekend, at first, and then I broke down and totally dug into a snickers bar (or three). Now I’m thinking: what’s the trick to quit treats? We know excess sugar feeds obesity and diabetes, and new research ties it to chronic inflammation (which has been linked…

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The Truth About Agave Nectar

Don’t be fooled by the marketing. Agave nectar is not really a whole food or a raw “nectar” as the label says, rather it is a highly processed and fractionated sweetener syrup. The major concern is the high level of free fructose in agave syrup—much higher than in honey and maple syrup. Agave syrup contains 70…

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4 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

As we age, our metabolisms slow down, which can lead to gaining extra, unwanted pounds. But small dietary adjustments can help minimize weight gain in our middle years. Try these suggestions: Eat small meals throughout the day and never skip a meal. This encourages steady caloric burn, blood sugar levels, and a consistent metabolism. You should…

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