Knowing your fertility “type” is the key to unlocking your fertility struggles

What is your Fertility Type? 

Knowing this is the ancient secret for modern fertility concerns. 

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In Chinese Medicine, one of the most important elements to boosting your fertility is figuring out and addressing your unique constitution and symptoms.

fertility type

One size does not fit all when it comes to fertility. Fertility is complex, and while one person may have trouble ovulating, another person's problem may be a thin uterine lining, while another's is low progesterone.... and so on. Each of those situations needs a slightly different solution. That's why the key lies in listening to YOUR symptoms and figuring out where your imbalance lies. Then we can address and rectify it. 

As acupuncturists, we seek to learn the details of your symptoms to understand YOU and your PATTERN. This is where Chinese Medicine really shines - at diagnosing and understanding the root pattern behind common complaints.

Your PATTERN translates to your "Fertility Type". I've identified 5 Fertility Types based on what I have commonly seen with the hundreds of women in my programs and clinic. Once you learn your Fertility Type you can optimize your health, your hormones and your fertility.

Your symptoms do not define you. Your diagnosis does not define you. Your symptoms are merely clues and cries for help. Your body is on your side and has amazing healing abilities. The way we see fertility struggles is as a series of little imbalances that contribute to the eco-system of the body becoming imbalanced. We can help you fine-tune and undo these imbalances and bring about balance and optimal fertility. You can think of an Acupuncturist as a detective gathering clues. And you can become a top detective with the proper tools!

Once we know our Fertility Type, we can stabilize periods, improve ovulation, optimize fertility and more. Migraines? Insomnia? Digestive Issues? Low Energy? These, too, will be part of your overall pattern.

In the Becoming Mama program, we will review strategies for each type: what to eat, exercise, and supplements to take, You will receive handouts for each one. You will learn how to be your own best detective to improve your Fertility and your Health.

The most common Fertility types are:  

  • Yin
  • Spleen
  • Blood
  • Liver
  • Damp

Yin types tend to run a little dryer, a little hotter, be slightly anxious and restless sleepers.

The Spleen type tends to be tired and has poor metabolism and a sluggish digestive system.

Liver types tend to internalize stress and may not even realize they are stressed out.

Blood types tend to be pale and dry, may have trouble falling asleep and feel anxious. The key symptom is light or short periods.

Damp types don’t metabolize fluids well. They may retain water, put on weight easily, or feel congested a lot.

Once you identify your type, we suggest following the healing guideline for 3 months. Think of this as the Premester, the Trimester of preparation before you become pregnant.

If you have been on the fertility journey and it's taken longer than you'd hoped or you've had a miscarriage - have you considered taking a break of dedicated time to nurture your fertility and prepare the body for conception? It's like tending to the soil before you plant a garden. Studies show that taking time to boost fertility naturally with diet and lifestyle increases rates of fertility (when measured by success rates of IVF). 

Take our Fertility Type Quiz here.  


~ By Jennifer Ward, L.Ac.

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