Holiday Gift Guide 2019

acupuncture gift guide denver

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone?

Here are some healthy gift ideas that will help your loved ones feel their best. Confession: these are also just some of my favorite things.

(Click the red links to be taken to where you can find them. These aren't affiliate links or ads, just ideas to hopefully make your life a little easier.)

5Yina face oils - This skincare line developed by Chinese Medicine dermatologist experts is divine. A sample of their face oils is a great intro to their products.

Cozy slippers - If you come to my house, you will never spot my husband and me NOT in these slippers from LL Bean. In Chinese Medicine, we think it's very important to keep your feet warm. These make that easy to do!

A book every woman needs to read, Seeing Red - an acupuncturist reveals what your period is telling you about your health and the quality of your everyday life.

Food Sensitivity Test kit - we carry the USBiotek test kits in the office, they cost $200 and test for 96 foods. I did this for everyone in my family a few years ago, and it was a hit and a life-changer for many of us.

A pretty plant - for them to keep on their desk or nightstand.

A Tarot card deck - this one from Etsy is beautiful and includes instructions.

A healthy detox - the SHED is led by my friend Rachel, starts on January 4th, costs $299, and includes recipes, supplements, and online group coaching.

Crystal water bottle – that's also BPA free (BPA acts on estrogen in the body and disrupts hormones, so it’s important to avoid). This one has amethyst quartz inside - supposed to have healing properties, but also just fun and pretty.

My favorite baking recipe book – Paleo Patisserie - a grain-free approach to baking. Her chocolate cake and ginger cookies are my go-to's!

Plant Based Beauty book - my friend, Jess, who's an aesthetician and lovely person, wrote this beautiful book about clean beauty.

Gua Sha Facial - This is my favorite facial here in Denver: the "gua sha ritual" at Sesen. Pure heaven.

Silk sleep mask – luxuriously soft and supposed to decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

Stasher bag bundle - These reusable, silicone bags are meant to be used instead of ziploc plastic bags. Better for the planet and better for our hormones! My family loves them.

A donation in their name to an environmental cause. If you donate to an environmental cause this season, Patagonia will match it, how cool is that?

A Gift Card for acupuncture - you can choose any design and amount that you think will be perfect for your loved one. We'd love to work with them!

And some stocking stuffer ideas:

Primally Pure deodorant (charcoal for men) – the best non-toxic, aluminum-free deodorant.

Elta sunblock – the dermatologist recommended sunblock that my girlfriends and I all use. Santa has always given me and my brothers sunblock. It’s a good tradition.

Rosewater facial mist – because why not?


There ya go. Hopefully, you got a good idea or two. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Here's last year's gift guide.

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