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Got anxiety? You may be deficient in Magnesium

Anxiety can be caused by a number of factors: emotional, genetic, environmental, etc. While prescription drugs are often the first resort, it turns out a completely safe mineral is often more effective. There is one calming mineral that some reports say 90% of the population is deficient in: magnesium. While our ancestors had an abundance of…

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How to Breathe Correctly

You probably think you’ve got breathing mastered, right? Actually, most of us are doing wrong! We are taught to suck in our guts and puff out our chests, which causes the muscles to tense and respiration rate to increase. As a result, we are a nation of shallow “chest breathers,” who primarily use the middle…

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10 Ways Stress Makes You Fat and Diabetic

We all live with some amount of stress. In fact, a little stress keeps life interesting, keeps you on your toes, helps you get things done, and can be an agent for change. But when stress becomes chronic and prolonged it can impact your health. With stress, the hypothalamus is activated and triggers the adrenal glands…

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Acupuncture Reduces Protein Linked to Stress in First of Its Kind Animal Study

“Acupuncture significantly reduces levels of a protein in rats linked to chronic stress, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) have found. They say their animal study may help explain the sense of wellbeing that many people receive from this ancient Chinese therapy.” Check out the full article here. P.S. I do realize that’s a…

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