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How to Boost Your Fertility

If you're trying to conceive, or worried about your fertility, this eBook is for you.

You'll learn the truth about what factors influence your fertility and the simple tweaks you can make to your diet and lifestyle that can have major affects on your fertility.

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What You Can Do to Support IVF Success

While your doctors will take control of a lot of the factors with IVF, there is still a ton you can do at home to boost your chances of conceiving with IVF.

In this eBook you'll learn research-based strategies to boost your chances of IVF success.

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Manage Stress and Mitigate the Effects of Stress

Stress is a standard part of our modern lifestyle and busy lives, and we can't just make it disappear. But we can learn to manage it to reduce the toll it takes on our health.

In this eBook you'll learn the ways stress wreaks havoc on your health, and several simple strategies for what to do about it.

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Put an End to Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are incredibly common, with one in four women starting their day with a medication for persistent feelings of unease or anxiety.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Depression and anxiety are merely a symptom - a sign that something is off balance or ill in the body that needs to be remedied.

In this eBook you'll learn what really causes anxiety and depression, and how to heal them naturally.

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Conquering Pain

You can live pain-free. Pain and discomfort are your body’s way of trying to get your attention so you will take care of something. It’s best to heed this call, and not simply ignore or suppress these symptoms with pain medications.

In this eBook you'll learn the three most common sources of chronic pain and how to address it holistically.

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Heal Your Gut

Research is showing that promoting a healthy gut may be the most powerful and pivotal thing you can do to improve your overall health.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to optimize your gut health (and overall health as a result) with simple diet and lifestyle changes.

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The Becoming Balanced eBook

A 150-page instant download with your blueprint for happy, healthy, hormones.


The Becoming Mama eGuide

Your guide to optimizing fertility and prenatal health.


The Mend Your Metabolism Course

 Your guide to healthy weight loss.