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Is Facial Acupuncture really effective? And is it better than Botox?

facial acupuncture effective

As an acupuncturist trained in Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture, I get asked this question a lot. So I’m going to tell it to you straight. Is it effective? Yes. Is it better than Botox? It depends. Let’s break it down… What is Botox? Botox is the injection of Botulinum Toxin which is considered the most…

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Fertility supplements that help you get pregnant

fertility supplements denver

Research proves women who take supplements get pregnant faster and have better pregnancies. The science is in – it’s important for both men and women to take supplements to prime for pregnancy. Here’s an example of a study from Stanford that showed that thirty women between the ages of 24 – 46 who had not…

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Stress can affect your fertility, 4 ways to beat it

stress and fertility acupuncture

The mind-body connection If you ask any fertility acupuncturist about how they go about treating fertility, I imagine you’d get a similar response: Chinese Medicine helps bring the body back to balance by uncovering and addressing the root cause to treat symptoms affecting the entire body.  That’s what makes it “holistic” and such a powerful…

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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

healthy holiday self-care gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Here are some healthy self-care gift ideas that will help them feel their best. Confession: these are also just some of my favorite things. (Click the red links to be taken to where you can find them. These aren’t affiliate links or ads, just ideas to hopefully…

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The easiest hack to feel your best and stay healthy over the holidays

trick to stay healthy over the holidays

Confession: as we head into the holidays, I can feel nervous about my tendency to overindulge and get a liiiiiiitle too excited about my brother’s overflowing cheese boards, my aunt’s perfectly crispy and melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies, and my grandma’s famous pecan pie. I mean, I certainly plan to enjoy these delicacies, but I don’t need…

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How to get rid of a cold, stop the flu, and boost your immune system

how to stop a cold or flu

Peak cold and flu season has arrived and is here to stay until spring. The best way to prevent colds and flu from striking and lingering is to have a bullet-proof immune system. Though colds may still happen, the stronger your immune system, the quicker you’ll recover. While there are some things you can do…

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What’s your fertility “type”?

fertility type

Your body is constantly sending you subtle clues about your health, hormonal balance, and fertility. Do you know what your body is telling you about your fertility?  Download the quiz, check the symptoms and scenarios that best describe you, and find out what your fertility “type” is. Click the image below to download the quiz.…

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Top 5 Environmental Toxins that Disrupt Fertility

My 4 Day Fertility Detox is a gentle, safe, and effective detox plan to help rid your body of toxins, help balance your hormones and boost your egg quality and help you feel great. A Fertility Cleanse is a great way to prep yourself for pregnancy. It can help you get pregnant faster and have…

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