Denver Microneedling

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a collagen induction treatment. We use tiny needles to cause little punctures to the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. These micro-injuries stimulate the body’s repair mechanism: collagen and elastin production, and increasing blood flow to the face.

The result? Glowing, youthful, firmer skin.

Unlike peels or lasers, the downtime is minimal. You might be red for a few hours afterward, but wake up the next morning looking great.

Best of all, you can see improvement after only a single session and results are cumulative and grow with each treatment.

Benefits of microneedling include improvement in:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • dull skin
  • sun damage
  • scars
  • hyper-pigmenatation
  • Collagen - studies have shown an average 206% increase in collagen and up to 1,000% increase in collagen production after a single treatment.
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What to expect from a microneedling session in our Denver clinic

How to prepare for your microneedling session:

Discontinue retinol products 48 hours before your appointment, and avoid fillers, botox, and other skin treatments for 10 days before your appointment. Come with a clean, bare face.

During your microneedling session:

Your session will last 30 minutes. We’ll talk with you to understand your goals, history, and plan the best treatment for you. The microneedling will take about 20 minutes. Then we’ll apply a healing Swiss Apple Stem Cell serum to further enhance rejuvenation. We use only non-toxic, local, organic products.

After your microneedling treatment

You’ll have redness for the remainder of the day after your treatment. It’s best to stay out of the sun, but you can resume normal activities right away, and apply makeup after 2-3 hours. Improvements in your skin will show in about a week.

How many microneedling treatments should I get?

Follow-up microneedling treatments are recommended once monthly until desired results are achieved.

Is there anyone who shouldn't get microneedling?

Yes, if you are pregnant, have received botox recently, or if you get migraines/chronic headaches, then it's not the right time to receive microneedling.

What does a microneedling treatment cost?

Our prices are $195 for a microneedling treatment. Medspa services & results without the medspa prices!!

Why do microneedling with us at The Point Denver?

We are licensed medical professionals. As acupuncturists, we have many years of experience using needles for treatments and have extensive knowledge of clean needle technique and medical safety compared to other facial providers. You are in good hands with us.

Come get your glow on!