Virtual Consultations

Dr. Katherine Altneu works with people virtually across the world seeking to optimize their health and fertility.


Virtual Consultations are for you if you:

​- Are seeking support and guidance for your health or fertility

- Want an individualized, comprehensive, holistic approach to your health

- Want both traditional wisdom and an evidence-based approach to your care

What does your virtual appointment include?

Initial appointment ~ 55 mins

- Holistic and comprehensive assessment of your health and goals through a Chinese medicine and Functional medicine framework.

- Analysis of diet, lifestyle, exercise and personal medical history.

- Assessment and interpretation of recent relevant tests or BBT charts.

- Personalized diet, lifestyle, and treatment recommendations specific to your health priorities.


Follow-up appointment ~ 25 minutes

- Review of your health and progression.

- Review of menstrual cycles and BBT charts (if relevant).

- Assessment and interpretation of any lab tests.

- Review of your treatment plan, addressing any challenges that may have presented, and updating goals and recommendations.

- Diet, lifestyle, supplement recommendation updates.

acupuncturist virtual consult working on computer smiling


Here are a few of the lab tests that Dr. Altneu most frequently orders and finds they provide valuable insight for clients:


  • Comprehensive Wellness Panel - $149 - This is a custom, comprehensive blood panel that includes $600-worth of tests in one place for a discounted price: CBC with differential, CMP, CRP (a marker of inflammation), Ferritin, Hemoglobin A1c, Homocysteine (a marker for your folate status and how well you're methylating), Iron + TIBC, Lipid Panel, Comprehensive Thyroid Profile with Free T3 + T4, and Vitamin D.


  • DUTCH hormone test - $300 - this is the most advanced hormone test, offering an extensive 24-hour profile of hormones along with their metabolites (how well you're detoxifying and metabolizing the hormones) as well as markers of B vitamins and gut inflammation, to identify causes of hormonal symptoms.


  • HTMA - Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - $112 - this measures the levels of essential nutrients and toxic minerals stored in your body.


Together, we can decide if any of these would be helpful for you. Tests are not required, but they are available.